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I came across this wonderful Wellness Service as I was reading my LinkedIn posts: Flex-n-Fly.

I can assure you that if you travel, this service is one of the more useful ideas on the market for relieving the stresses of traveling with something for your mind, body and spirit. As you know, I am a constant fan of a well-being journey!

Look at their website to assist you in making your travel an upgraded experience.

Look for Flex-n-Fly
url: https://Flexnfly.com

You can sign up for the Newsletter at their website.

All the best in Wellness!

Why Wear a Mask ?

What are the latest guidelines on protecting yourself by wearing a mask?

Do you use the CDC COVID Tracker tool? Do you know what it is? The link below has answers to these questions. Take a look when you find time. It’s “News you can use.”


Do you know your COVID-19 Community Level?

Safe travels!

Essential Oils & Travel

I do not leave home without my essential oils travel kit. In fact, I make sure to pack that item first to ensure that my trip will be a better experience. Whether it is needing a surge of energy, or a calm moment, if I have an upset stomach, or a headache, I can reach for a roll-on, or sniff a tissue with an essential oil on it. Listen to a brief message on my podcast to learn more. Then use the links in this post to learn more about which oils are recommended to use for travel.

This podcast is available on Apple podcast, Google podcast, and other platforms of your choice. 
Just click this link to select:


Essential oils recommended for a better travel experience at the New Directions Aromatics website are Lemon, Pepper Black, Citronella, Ginger. Click the link below to learn more.

You can find essential oil recipes and other useful information at the blog. Click the link below.


All the best for your Wellness and safe travels!

Travel & Mental Health

If you are thinking about traveling, it turns out that it can be good for your mental health.

How Travel Can Help Reduce Stress and Ease Anxiety and Depression https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/how-travel-affects-mental-health from @WebMD;

All the best for your mental well-being!
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